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Centerboro Productions Film & TV Production Company

Centerboro Productions Film & TV Production Company

Centerboro Productions Film & TV Production CompanyCenterboro Productions Film & TV Production Company




In addition to producing our own feature films, and television series, we love helping others to make thier films and TV series a reality! We assit writers,  producers, and directors to package their projects, and sell them. From development through film and TV production to post-production, promotion, marketing, sales and distribution, we are here every step of the way. We look forward to assiting you with your production needs, and take you and your project to Greenlight faster! Email us: to learn more, and to set up a call and speak with one of our production team members about our various packages.


  • Teleplay/screenplay script, story and character development
  • Script writing, script polishing, rerwrites
  • IP book development for TV & film
  • Beat sheets, synposis, and script edting, story outlines


  • Creative project pitch decks for sales & talent
  • Financial project pitch decks
  • Creating bibles for TV show concepts (script/unscipted)
  • Package projects and assit in sales and distribution 


  • Physical producing (location scouting studio, crew)
  • Creative producing
  • Production advising and oversight
  • Post supervising and post production advising and oversight
  • Marketing and film festival advising and oversight
  • Sales and distribution consulting and oversight
  • Budgeting (bonded line producers) 
  • Project evaluation and film projections
  • Financing structures, waterfalls, and financing lead sugesstions
  • Consulting on tax credits, tax rebates, and incentives by state in the USA, and overseas
  • Create cast list working with A-List talent, agencies, producers, and managers
  • Cast talent
  • Hire proven casting director


  • Sales and distribution advising and package oversight
  • Financing structures and financing lead ideas
  • Advising on tax credits, tax rebates, and incentives


NEW* Management of exceptional actors, producers, screewriters, and directors. Email us to discuss representation (submit reels).