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Centerboro Productions Film & TV Production Company

Centerboro Productions Film & TV Production Company

Centerboro Productions Film & TV Production CompanyCenterboro Productions Film & TV Production Company

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We currently have various opportunities open for VP of Film & TV Sales & Acqustions, Head of Production, and several remote/on site internships positions. 

Please email us: add the title of position in the subject line.


We attend many film festivals, summits, screenings, and conferences. 

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*Disclaimer: We do not accept any emails or fax regarding ideas or proposals for TV show or film project development.  Any emails or fax received containing contents related to such topics will immediately be disregarded.  Submissions only by request, via a manager, attorney, agent or our staff.

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Centerboro Productions is seeking new talent for a paranormal TV show on cable/streaming. 

We're looking for the following roles on the team:

  1. A person who has experienced an NDE.  A near-death experience (NDE) investigator,  
  2. A superstar host, and two investigative ghost hunters, who have a fresh new approach to join our team of experienced ghost hunters. 

Please email us at: Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. #superstarhost #tvshow #cable #streaming #NDE #paranormal #productions #ghosthunters #submissions #centerboroproductionscom 

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